Propositional Betting is Interesting!

The concept of gambling is as old as the concept of man itself. There have been evidences showing off our ancestors gambling for a whole lot of different reasons. Many things have changed, however, when the tools for different casino games were discovered. Since then, gambling took flight and never looked back.

Even when Poker, Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, and the like are on the spotlight of each and every casino site there is on earth, the natural way of gambling, which our ancestors used to engage into, remains quite popular. For those who have been living under the rock for ages, we are talking about propositional betting.

Propositional betting is the earliest form of gambling known to mankind. It is where wagers are placed and are won for occurrences. The variety of this game is from outrageous to the most outrageous. People ply it nowadays to keep away from the seriousness of professional gambling. You see, when things get more serious for any player, gambling could be boring. Propositional betting puts back the life in gambling with its colorful and very amusing concepts.

At this time and age, propositional gambling is even popular among professional gamblers who have developed a skill for the craft. The most popular propositional bettors are those professionals we have seen all serious on Poker TV. Probably still craving for more of the adrenalin rush that could run short at the Poker table, the Poker players get their fixes of a heart pounding experience by making bets on just about anything.

In propositional betting, imagination run as wild as you could never expect them to be. Some of the more popular bets ever made in history pertains to weight loss, eating, and drinking.

We all know that Poker is the least physically challenging sport there is and Poker players are often doomed to tackle weight problems. To put humor in the equation, Poker players bet on each other's weights. A lot of players got wealthy on betting that Doyle Brunson is never going to lose any weight. The Poker great lost a good sum of money over that bet. He paid for it, however, after betting $100,000 that he is not going under 150 kilos. Surprise, he won!

Eating and drinking a specific amount of this food or that liquid at a certain time is also quite popular among propositional bettors. Howard Lederer was once challenged as a vegetarian when a fellow Poker pro, David Grey, got him on a propositional bet of eating a cheeseburger. Lederer won the bet of $10,000 and got back by challenging the latter who hates olives to eat three. Grey declined. Meanwhile, another popular gambler of this kind, Ted Forrest, won many times by betting on his abilities including gulping down 10 beers in 30 minutes.


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